Persia is the product of her once punk and anarchic parents who also happened to be high functioning Class-A drug addicts. From the outside, her family may have looked like they had it all, but behind closed doors, it was a very different story.



Although Persia was drinking from 13 and always involved in some crazy romance or another, she also tried hard to succeed in everything she turned her hand to - in a semi-conscious ploy to gain her parents/ the world’s approval. This included excelling academically, winning trophies for horse riding, and treading the boards (always as the leading role) on any stage that would have her. But then something strange happened. At 16, Persia’s parents got sober, sorted their lives out, and she was given the family life that she’d always dreamed of.

From that point began her (completely sub-conscious) mission to sabotage everything good in her life, since she was so much more familiar and comfortable with the drama and chaos she’d grown up with.

Her early 20s saw her cheating on several lovely guys and even stealing the boyfriends of a few female acquaintances in a bid to gain a temporary hit of self-worth. Whenever unwelcome feelings of guilt or shame began to surface, she’d drown them out with the anesthetization of alcohol or drugs, and set about finding someone new to fall in love with.

By the time our worlds collided at Drama Centre London, Persia had well and truly positioned herself as a social Queen Bee, never failing to be surrounded by a plethora of disarmingly captivating (and frankly nuts) characters. Whilst she excelled in acting at drama school, her life was getting more and more unmanageable, with her often turning up to ballet class still high from the night before. 

Post drama school, her acting career only seemed to fuel her hedonistic tendencies; acting and singing jobs in Moscow, LA and Shanghai provided her with the perfect opportunities to party, and she never failed to pluck a man’s heart from every new continent that she found herself in. 

But in 2010, the effects of this lifestyle really started to show, and suddenly life was no longer one carefree jolly around the globe.

She began suffering from severe anxiety and panic attacks, and a deep sense of self-loathing began to take a hold of her. 

Her body was also showing signs of strain. In the nicest possible way, Persia positively ballooned in size this year.

One day, on a particularly bad comedown, Persia somehow found herself being swept up in an impulsive and passion-fuelled love affair with an old friend – an addict fresh out of rehab – with whom she fell madly (and predictably) into love & obsession. Their one-year relationship consisted of some magnificent highs, as well as the lowest of lows, and finally came to an end in mid-2012.

In fact, by some bizarre coincidence, Persia and I were dumped by our addict boyfriends (who’d both cheated on us) on the very same day, and therefore found ourselves experiencing the pain of heart-break at the exact same time. Yet, much like myself, it was this event that forced Persia to take a long hard look at her lifestyle choices. She came to realise that it was finally time to put a stop to her destructive behaviours and patterns.

Persia made a commitment to herself to spend the next 3 months purely focusing on sorting out her life – by reading self-help books, therapy sessions and attending a 12-Step program for the friends and family of addicts and alcoholics. Initially, it was hard and uncomfortable, but before too long, she felt happier and healthier than ever – without any man to provide her with the validation she’d spent her life craving. 

No longer did Persia feel the desperate need to be the centre of attention in every room, for she was developing a genuine sense of love and respect for herself. Soon, all those extra pounds in weight fell off of their own accord.

After experiencing a totally new way of viewing and living life, both Persia and I felt compelled to share what we had learned with the friends around us who also tended to gravitate towards drama and chaos.

One thing led to another, and after a ridiculously long brunch session one day, Addictive Daughter was born with the objective of making self-help and spirituality accessible and aspirational to our generation.

Today, Persia practices yoga most days, enjoys drinking in moderation and is in a new relationship with a big-hearted man… Confusingly, also called Joey.