Let’s face it, in today’s culture, we’re all addicted to something. The question is, are the consequences of that thing good or bad for you + your life?

Addictive personalities can be the most SUCCESSFUL, CHARISMATIC, FOCUSED and INFECTIOUS of all: If utilised in the right way.

If, like us, you believe yourself to have an addictive personality, we’ve got you covered. 


“Persia + Joey are irreverent British gurus.”




Not so long ago, we both found ourselves caught in a cycle of self-destructive behaviour. 

The pressures of modern living meant that, although we had more choices available to us than ever before, we were consumed by anxiety and overwhelm pretty much every minute of the day.

We hated our bodies, our finances were a mess, and we knew there was something amazing we were supposed to be doing with our lives, but we just didn’t know what or how.

We’d each experienced heartbreak several times, but with no clear support or guidance on how best to deal with the pain, we took this baggage into our next relationship – so inevitably, we’d soon end up back on our own. 

To try and fill the empty void within, we ate, we drank, we shopped, we took drugs.

None of it worked.


“Persia + Joey are expertly poised to hand out advice to today’s younger generation.”



And then in our mid-20s, we both happened to be dumped on the very same day. 

This was the catalyst we needed to help us realise that the pain of staying stuck where we were was greater than the effort it would take to change our lives.

Armed with each other for mutual support, we decided to use all the addictive energy we’d previously directed towards obsessing over our relationships, to healing our insides through the tools + practices we set out in our new book The Inner Fix. 

Today, we both look and feel much healthier than we ever have done, we spend every day doing work we love (and get paid for it), our finances are in order, one of us is happily married, and the other is in a loving relationship.

Life has never felt better. 


After experiencing the many benefits of this new way of life, we felt inspired to share what we’d learned with the friends around us who also tended to gravitate towards drama + chaos. 

And so in 2012, we set up Addictive Daughter to do just that. 

Through our book The Inner Fix, our features in Marie Claire, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, The Times + The Huffington Post - as well as our life coaching programs, events + 'Life Nugget' videos, we set out to prove that GETTING ADDICTED TO THE GOOD STUFF is the secret ante-dote for our lost generation.


“Persia + Joey are providing a much needed source of inspiration and wisdom to Generation Y; I adore Addictive Daughter.”