How to Get Shit Done

A dastardly feature of not working a 9-5 is just that - not working a 9-5; one has to become very self-disciplined to get any shit done at all, when reaching for the remote and watching back to back Jezzy K (aka Jeremy Kyle) is all too easy without a boss constantly peering over your shoulder to hold you accountable and spur you on.

Here are some tips that will help both free-lancers and 9-5′ers alikeget shit done

1. GET A DIARY.Anduseit. We don’t mean a shitty little scrapper where you can write a mere word per day, we mean a big fucker that you can use to plan in detail your entire week in advance. This can be on your computer if you so choose, but the crucial thing is that you can easily see your whole week all in one go.


2. Ideally on a Sunday, observe all the available time you have in the coming week and plot in the tasks you need to do – and be specific. E.g Monday 9-11am plan and write blog post on free-lancing, Tuesday 4-5pm respond to day’s emails and update contacts list etc etc. By breaking down tasks into manageable chunks of the day, they won’t seem so overwhelmingly daunting. Innit.



3. Colour-Coding. Yup. We said it. Go and treat yourself to a new pack of Stabilo Boss, and colour code the different tasks you have put in (or highlight in different colours on your comp). We recommend one colour for all things leisure, one for main career stuff (for both of us, that’s anything related to AD), one for paid work (that doesn’t relate to your main career stuff eg for Persia, tutoring English) and one for exercise. This way, you will be able to see howbalanced your time and life looks at a mere glance. Ka-pow.

4. TURN FACEBOOK OFF - on your phone, computer, everything. This goes for all other social media forms too. And unsubscribe from the Mail Online while your at it.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

5. Do the big bastard tasks first and leave answering emails, updating expenses and other such boring miscellaneous activities till later on in the day.

6. Get an Accountability Buddy (like we are for each other). Schedule weekly/fortnightly or monthly meetings(whichever works for you), and in each one, give the other person alistof what you WILL have achieved by the next meeting, and get them to tick off the tasks as you show them each one.Fear of failure and humiliationwill help you to get at least most of them done, and there is surely nothing more pleasurable than ticking things off lists.

We think that should keep you going for the time being…

Enjoy getting shit done folks!

Love Persia & Joey xxx

Blog image credit: Jenna Woodward