The Inner Fix


Hey ADs,


We’re feeling so excited to be celebrating our book launch for The Inner Fix, that we wanted our beloved Addictive Daughter community to be in on the action.

You’ve given us so much support + motivation over what has been an incredible - and pretty overwhelming - few weeks in the lead up to the launch, and we honestly can’t thank you enough.

(But we’re gonna try!)

As a small token of our gratitude + appreciation, we wanted to share the first 5 chapters of the book with you a few days early.


Click here to download your free chapters now.


If what you read resonates with you in any way - and you’d like to read The Inner Fix in it’s entireity, there’s a pre-order discount running on Amazon until the book’s out in shops this Thursday.


Head to Amazon to get your discounted copy today. 


As we’ve shared before, whilst we’re really proud of what we’ve created through The Inner Fix, we’ve also had moments of almost paralysing fear about putting some of our most shameful + exposing experiences out there into a world that doesn’t always welcome such honesty.

But, ultimately, we know that if doing so helps even one person to feel a little less alone, then it’ll have been worth the odd bout of self-doubt.

Thank you for making us feel so loved + supported throughout this whole process – we hope the finished book goes some way in returning the favour :)


All our love,

Persia + Joey xx