12 Steps to Making the Rest of 2014 Really Awesome

Is 2014 not quite living up to be the awesome year that you hoped for?

Read this article, and learn 12 ways to turn it all around.

As many of you know, both of us at Addictive Daughter are self-confessed junkies when it comes to anything self-help, self-development or spirituality. When given the opportunity to learn new tips and ideas that will help us have an even happier, more fulfilling life, we show up with bells on.

Last weekend, we were invited to attend a 2-day event called ‘Ignite’ – put on by Hay House publishers in London which featured the freshest voices and newest ideas in spirituality and wellbeing. It sounded like our kind-a weekend, and indeed it was.

There were 12 internationally renowned speakers – many of which we were very familiar with. Each speaker imparted heaps of inspiring and actionable wisdom, but we are going to give you the juiciest nugget thats stood out most (for us).

Heed these 12 nuggets, and we guarantee that 2014 will become yourbest year yet.

Hayhouse UK

Hayhouse UK

1)   Dr Robert Holden –Ignite Your Life

(Author of Happiness NOW!, Shift Happens, Authentic Success, Be Happy & Loveability).

“Forgiveness is the key to love, joy & happiness”.

This sounds so simple, but we have learned the hard way that holding on to anger and resentments only ever ends up hurting us; forgiveness is about freeing ourselves more than it is about making the other person feel better.

2)   Shaa Wasmund –Hustle & Serve

(Best-selling author of Stop Talking, Start Doing).

“According to research at Harvard Business School, we are 86% more successful when we work in Partnerships.”

This is as true for life as it is for business; if you want to achieve results in any area of your life – whether it’s reaching your ideal weight, writing a popular blog or having a relationship that makes you truly happy, we all need to ask for help and support from those around us (our friends, family, professionals such as life coaches/ therapists) to cheer us along and keep us on track.

No (wo)man is an island!

3)   Kate Northrup –‘Money: A Love Story’

(Best-selling author of Money: A Love Story)

“Money is a stand-in for what we value”.

Feeling stressed about your finances this year?  Take a good look at what you are spending your hard-earned money on.  Which expenses bring a smile to your face, and which leave you feeling guilty and annoyed at yourself?

If we spend money on things that we don’t really value, we are often left feeling negative.  Make 2014 the year that you commit to spending in line with what you truly value – whatever that may be.

4)   Meggan Watterson –‘Getting Spiritually Naked’

(Author of Reveal)

“Move through your life from a place of love, not fear”.

This is much easier said than done, but we have to remember that at any given moment, we have the choice whether we want to see things in a loving, positive way or a negative, fearful way.

When feeling afraid, sit quietly and ask God/ the Universe/ your Inner Guide to help you see the situation from a place of love.  This simple concept has quite literally changed both of our lives – try it!

5)   John C Parkin –‘F**k It’

(Best-selling author of F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way)

“Say f**k it to things that don’t really matter”.

This idea is all about letting go of all the unnecessary stress and tension in our everyday lives.

We only get to live once; whenever you find yourself getting stressed or overwhelmed about something, ask yourself: How important is this?

If it’s really important take some action on it (in a loving way!), if it’s not important, say F**K IT! 


6)   Charlie Morley –‘Getting Lucid in Your Dreams’

(Author of Dreams of Awakening).

“We are 90% bigger than we think we are”.

Most of us know that we only use around 10% of our brain’s capacity, but it would be well worth remembering that when we feel out of our depth in work or in life in general.

Meditation and lucid dreaming can help us to actively tap into that un-used 90%, but simply saying this statement out loud when feeling challenged is a good reminder that we already possess all the wisdom and know-how we need to achieve our dreams.

7)   Kyle Gray –‘Keeping it Real with the Angels’ 

(Author of The Angel Whisperer & Angel Prayers).

“Change your vibes through gratitude”.

One of our all time favourites.

Start your day by texting a friend 3 things you are grateful for (they have to be different each day!) and you can bet your bottom dollar that your day will be significantly better.

8) Sandy Newbigging –‘Mind Calm’

(Author of Mind Calm, Thunk!, Heal the Hidden Cause & New Beginnings)

“If we want to have an inner experience, we need to go inside.”

The reason we tend to want the best car, flat, boyfriend or job is in order to feel good on the inside.

If that is the objective, then surely it makes more sense to try and feel good on the inside first?

Prayer and meditation are proven to help us become at peace with ourselves and our mind, and in our experience, once that happens, the outer things (such as the car, job, relationship) tend to take care of themselves.

8)   Joseph Clough –‘Be Your Potential’

(Author of Be Your Potential).

“If we focus on what we don’t want, we get it, because our attention is there.  FOCUS ON WHAT YOU DO WANT”.

This one is pretty self-explanatory really; ask yourself what you do want to happen in the rest of 2014.  Don’t hold back – reach for the stars.

Write  these desires down.

Make a commitment to read over this list every morning, and ask for help and guidance to make these dreams a reality.

9)   Pam Grout –‘E-Squared’

(Author of E-Squared and 15 other books!)

“You wouldn’t walk into H & M and choose the ugliest outfit, or choose the least appetising meal in a restaurant, so why do we choose to focus on negative thoughts?”

We love this take on negativity.  It reminds us that we are able to choose thoughts that empower us, rather than ones that make us feel down.

We recommend setting an alarm on your phone (to go off every few hours) to remind you to choose positive uplifting thoughts.  It’s really easy to slip subconsciously into negative thinking, so setting regular reminders for yourself will help get you back into the land of smiles, joy and merriment.

10) Jessica Ortner –‘The Tapping Solution’

(Author of The Tapping Solution).

“Perfection is fear”.

Being perfectionists and overachievers ourselves, we can really relate to this one.

When you try and achieve perfection in any area of your life, then you will find that rich is never rich enough, skinny is never skinny enough and relationships are never good enough.

Be gentle on yourself; it’s good to have goals, but we must approach them in a loving way, or we’ll never be satisfied, and we’ll never feel good enough to put ourselves out there and achieve what we want to achieve.

This article is nowhere near as good as our egos would like it to be, but we’re putting it out there anyway (because we want to walk our talk!)

11)  Mastin Kipp –‘The Daily Love: Lessons Learned on a Journey from Crisis to Grace’

“You are not your circumstances”.

This one’s a good un’; when we attach our self-identity to our negative circumstances, we feel hopeless and depressed.

Therefore, don’t use negative statements such as “I am poor”, “I’m always the single one” or “I’m fat”, as they feel very definitive and unchangeable.

Instead, try a more loving approach such as “I’m afraid of starting a new relationship” or “I don’t have a lot of extra cash at the moment”.  Not only is this a likely to be a truer statement about your situation, it also leaves open the possibility for change and growth.

12) Gabrielle Bernstein –‘Miracles Now’.

(Best-selling author of Add More ING to Your Life, Spirit Junkie, May Cause Miracles & the forthcoming Miracles Now)

“If you want to feel supported, support yourself”.

Our spiritual big sister Gabby B gave us a brilliant final nugget to chew on at the end of the weekend.

This is all about taking ownership and responsibility for your own life.  We get lots of people writing to us, saying that they want to be in a happy, loving relationship.

Like Gabby, we believe that if you want to feel loved and valued, you must first love and value yourself – then you will be much more open and ready to receive love from someone else. Put your own oxygen mask on first.

We hope these 12 Steps have been useful. If they have, we would love it if you would spread the love and share this article with anyone you know who you think would benefit from it.

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