The Inner Fix

We’re feeling so excited to be celebrating our book launch for The Inner Fix this evening, that we wanted our beloved Addictive Daughter community to be in on the action.

You’ve given us so much support + motivation over what has been an incredible - and pretty overwhelming - few weeks in the lead up to the launch, and we honestly can’t thank you enough.

(But we’re gonna try!)

As a small token of our gratitude + appreciation, we wanted to share the first 5 chapters of the book with you a few days early. 

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Cheap Coffee and A Rich Inner World

Sobriety smells like Folgers roasting on the burner. Members of the group take turns, walking up to the pot, pouring the brown liquid into white, Styrofoam cups. The environmentally unfriendly kind; as if alcoholics need more toxins in their already polluted bodies.  It also smells like cigarette smoke, left over fumes that carry on clothing from the outside world. The members take puffs before and after the meeting begins, getting in a bit of cheap meditation, a moment of solitude from their addict brain thoughts. Anyone who says sobriety is glamorous is lying. 

So why do people do it then? Giving up all forms of numbing, self-medicating and escaping in the name of church basements and the overconsumption of caffeine. Why on earth would anyone agree to this? 

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Soberly Me

Victoria Cosmic writes about her journey of sobriety & becoming a spiritual woman.

We hope this inspires you! 

Who I WAS...

I was the one who would boast about how much I could, and would drink.

I was the one who felt proud that I went into work after being intoxicated the night before and having perhaps 3 hours sleep.

I was the one who thought I was something special as I had snorted cocaine from a toilet seat.

I was the one who could not remember the entirety of the previous night so would wake up feeling anxious incase I had made a fool of myself.

I was the one that did make a fool of myself but would blame the alcohol as if it were not me who willingly chose to indulge.

So when does drunken behaviour cross the line from ‘normal’ or lets say acceptable within the masses to addictive or an act of self destruction?

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Awaken Your Spirit

It’s a Tweeter!

"You’re of no service to the world when you’re living from a place of unhappiness and self-destruction.” @AddictiveDau

Some people think that focusing your precious time & energy on making yourself as happy and healthy as possible is a bit selfish and narcissitic.

We spoke about this idea at our recent event ‘Awaken Your Spirit for 2015’ in London, which saw lots of you come together to explore what you wanted to let go of this year in order to make space in your life for things that would bring you more joy next year.

Whilst there are those that think self-help and spirituality is self-indulgent, we would argue that it is, in fact, the very opposite, because:

You’re of no service to the world when you’re living from a place of unhappiness and self-destruction.

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Joey’s 6 Week Detox off The Devil’s Dandruff (aka… SUGAR)

They say that ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears’, and that was very much my experience this summer, when Laura Thomas of appeared in my life, or in my inbox I should say.

I have spent the majority of this year being aware of my sugar intake and how it was negatively affectingmy energy levels (soaring up and then crashing, leaving me feeling moody and always in need of more.) Increasingly often, I had found myself in the habit of reaching for a chocolate bar for a quick ‘boost’ before an important meeting to help with alertness – much like City Bankers use coke, I was using sugar.

Since I gave up drinking alcohol altogether 2.5 years ago, sugary drinks have become my rocket fuel on nights out and my enthusiasm for desserts has definitely grown too. So when Laura’s Mentor Me Off Sugar Programme popped up in my inbox, I thought, why not? I could really do with a helping hand on the sugar front.

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Our Q&A with 'Who Says I'm An Addict?' author David Smallwood

David, we like to describe AD as 'the gateway drug to self-help & spirituality.’ It is aimed very much at girls like ourselves, who are not necessarily far enough down the line for rehab but are living out toxic & unhealthy patterns. In short, we are all about addressing the issues before things really hit the fan. How would you define addictive behavior and can you explain its progressive nature?


Addiction is dangerous because of its sneaky nature. It never comes in the guise of an enemy, always in the guise of a true friend, wanting to make you feel better, have a better time, feel sexier, be more attractive, pull hotter guys! Eventually it leaves us for someone else though.

“Addiction can be summed up by one word:

MORE! We are powerless to resist MORE food, MORE sex, MORE shopping, MORE Facebook, MORE booze or MORE drugs.”

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Don't Stop Dancing

“I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.”

– Arianna Huffington

There I am, making my way through the day, feeling pretty great about myself and the present moment until my hands wander over to my iphone. I have a bit of time to kill so I reach for something that easily occupies my ADD. More specifically, I take myself out of reality and into the land of Instagram.


Within seconds, my eyes are locked into the flood of scrolling images before me. Glossy pictures, pretty filters with the perfect figures in fashion’s finest ensembles, smiling faces, gorgeous backdrops and backbends in cute yoga pants - if you have ever been on Instagram, you know just what I am talking about. And while I love the fact that this forum allows us to constantly take in new artistic images and inspiration at every second of the day, I know that there is a dark side to all of it. If you are reading this, chances are you know it too. 


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