The Four-Word Solution to Any Relationship Dilemma

It’s a Tweeter!

“The 4 word solution to any relationship dilemma: BLESS HIM/ HER, CHANGE ME.”@AddictiveDau #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff


A while ago, one of us found ourselves in a relationship in which we were pretty unhappy on a daily basis.


You see, our guy was great in so many ways, but was going through some difficult emotional stuff that had started to affect the relationship quite dramatically.


He was often withdrawn, distant and disconnected, and this led to us feeling undervalued, anxious and very disempowered the majority of the time.


After chatting about this at length with each other in typical Persia/ Joey styley, the solution seemed so obvious to the both of us:


If only he’d change, the relationship would naturally work itself out.


However, a chance encounter with a stranger (slash Guardian Angel) on a trip abroad very quickly dispelled this illusion, and was to change our response to all relationship dilemmas from that moment onwards.


In today’s Life Nugget, we’ll let you into the 4 word solution she shared, and we guarantee that if you follow it, you’ll never have to needlessly suffer in a relationship again.


After watching the vid, let us know in the comments below how putting this life-changing corker of a tip into practice positively benefits any relationship dilemmas you’re met with this week (however small!) 


Love, Persia & Joey