How to Handle Situations Beyond Your Control (*click here to comment)

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“Don’t waste your time & energy obsessing about things you are powerless over.” @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff


Have you ever found yourself losing precious hours to obsessing over a situation in which (realistically), you had very little control over?

Nowadays, modern technological advances can often trick us into believing that we’re ‘God’ – that we have unlimited power to make (or stop) anything from happening.


We forget that that’s just not how life works.


Suddenly, out of nowhere, we find ourselves in a situation that renders us totally powerless.


Maybe we get made redundant.  Or struck down with flu the day of a hugely important meeting. Or, our boyfriend tells us he no longer loves us…


Whatever situation you’re in right now that’s making you feel powerless & stressed out, the message of today’s Life Nugget can help.


When you’ve watched the vlog, in the comments below, we want you to write down one thing that you feel powerless over today.


This one simple act will be a signal to the universe that you’re willing to surrender the situation – and this makes room for a solution to appear that you could never have anticipated…


Big love,

Persia & Joey