Boundary Setting In New Relationships (And Life In General)


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“People are not mind readers; state what you need, but do it kindly.” @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff  


Hey ADs,

Our friend Sophia recently started dating a new guy – and she really, really likes him.

He made it clear on the first date that he wasn’t all that long out of his last relationship, though he felt very much ready to move on.


When Sophia went to his flat for dinner last week, she saw quite a lot of the ex-girlfriend’s stuff lying about… including several pairs of her underwear (!)

Not an easy situation – especially when the courtship is so new and fragile – but Sophia handled it so brilliantly that, not only did her date remove all traces of the ex’s stuff of his own accord, his respect and admiration for her increased exponentially, too.

If you want to find out what Sophia said to him – and how to go about setting boundaries in new relationships and life in general, don’t miss today’s Life Nugget.

How you conduct yourself early on in new relationships is vital, because you’re quite literally teaching another person how you expect to be treated, so always remember:


“Respect yourself and you’ll be respected.” – @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff

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Now, we’d love to hear from you: is there someone or something in your life at the moment that’s causing you to feel disrespected in some way? How might you go about laying down a boundary with that person in a kind and calm manner?

Let us know below!

Love, Persia & Joey x