3 Ways to Beat Sugar Cravings with Nutritionist Alice Mackintosh (*click here to comment)

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“The No. 1 tip to beat sugar cravings: Have a savoury breakfast.” @AliceMackintosh via @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff


We’ve always been pretty up front about our addictive vices.


One vice that has been a favourite indulgence for one of us in particular is so addictive in the short-term, that in a lab test using rats, when the substance was withdrawn, the beady-eyed little fellas experienced chattering teeth, tremors, shakes & anxiety.


The substance in question is, of course, SUGAR (or what we now refer to as ‘the new Devil’s Dandruff’).


We all know how bad it’s deemed to be for us (all the more worrying when you consider that on average, we’re ingesting about 22 teaspoons of the stuff per day).


But the problem is, we’re quite literally wired to love sugar. So, how on earth do we go about getting off a substance that, not only are we naturally drawn to, but that’s also added to pretty much every food product out there?


In today’s Life Nugget, Nutritionist Alice Mackintosh solves this dilemma with 3 handy tips to stay off the white stuff for good.


After watching the interview, in the comments below, we’d love to hear any other tips you have for staving off sugar cravings (particularly when you’re feeling teary/ anxious/ it’s that time of the month…)


Sweet lovin, Persia & Joey xx