3 Steps To Feeling Super Connected & Re-charged w/ Kate Unsworth


It’s a Tweeter!

“Due to technology, the average person is in fight or flight mode around 25 times a day.” - @kateuns via @AddictiveDau 

Hey ADs,

Did you know that receiving a simple email or text activates the fight or flight hormone in humans, meaning we are in a constant state of alertness up to 25 times a day?

This is pretty worrying when you consider that this hormone only used to be released in us on the rare occasion we came face to face with a predator out in the wild.

As a result of our technology infused lives, the physical, mental and emotional stress we all experience on a daily basis is causing a rapid increase in our levels of anxiety and depression, and it’s only set to get worse.

In today’s Life Nugget, we chat to tech expert Kate Unsworth about 3 ways to avoid technological burnout and stress.

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