Why it's OK to be jealous of your friends (*click here to comment)

Hi ADs,

So, the other day, one of us got engaged.

Great news.


Except for the fact that the other one of us had gone through a break-up only a few weeks beforehand - a break-up with someone they believed they would one day marry.

Not such great news.


Naturally, the engagement caused a moment of searing pain, anxiety - even jealousy - to the one of us recently back in the land of Singledom.


HOWEVER... On the very same day, we discovered the secret to making jealousy a tool to strengthen our friendship rather than damage it.


If you’ve ever found yourself feeling jealous of your friend’s success, then this Life Nugget is for you.


Have you ever felt jealous of your friend’s success? How did this affect the friendship, and what would you do differently now?

Big Love, Persia & Joey xxx