What to do when he/ she doesn’t call (*click here to comment)


It’s a Tweeter!

“Don't hold on to people who don't want to hold on to you." @AddictiveDau     


Hey ADs,


We’ve all been there:


You go on a great 2nd - maybe even 3rd – date, and then the object of your affection mysteriously disappears...


You rack your brain trying to work out what you said/ did/ wore that could have turned them off.


Maybe I came across as too needy?


Maybe I rattled on about my ex for too long?


Whatever it was, you’re now feeling hideously rejected, resentful & insecure that even your best dating game failed to win them over.


If you can relate to the obsession that results from a date going AWOL (or flat out telling you they’re no longer interested), today’s Life Nugget is just for you.


This Nugget is a MUST watch for anyone trying to navigate the tricky world of online dating in particular (Tinder users, we’re looking at you..!) and the To Do of Today is sure to get you feeling good about yourself again in no time.


(Btw, we know this tool works, as one of us has been in this very situation ourselves recently, and really had to practice what we preach!)


We hope this Nugget serves you & your romantic life big time, and look forward to seeing you in the comments below.


Massive love,

Persia & Joey