What to do when everything sucks (*click here to comment)

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"When everything in your life seems to be going wrong, just DO THE NEXT RIGHT THING.” @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff


 Do you ever go through times in your life when one thing after another just keeps going wrong…?


The guy you’re seeing mysteriously disappears, you’re brand new iPhone gets nicked, you mess up on a big project at work, and to top it all off, you get a sodding parking ticket.


At times like these, it feels like the whole world’s conspiring against you; while everyone else’s life seems to be so jolly and in flow (according to the ever deceptive Facebook newsfeed…), yours is anything but.


In today’s Life Nugget, we’ll share with you a simple 5 word sentence that’ll help you get through these dreaded periods, fast.


When you’ve watched the vlog, we’d love to know in the comments below: Have you ever been through periods where everything seems to be going wrong? How did you get through it? And what’s “the next right thing” you can do for yourself today to help you get out of your rut?


Very bestest, Persia & Joey