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"Coincidences & synchronicities are the Universe’s way of guiding you: Pay attention to them.” @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff 



We’re curious: Have you ever been thinking about someone, only to have them call you that very moment?


Or, have you found yourself humming the tune of a song, before hearing it on the radio seconds later?


How about this: You meet a friend of a friend at a party, and it turns out you have the same name, were born on the same day, and are wearing the very same frock...




Those crazy synchronistic occurrences that have us gasping, shrieking & OMG-ing all over the shop.


Yet, more often than not, most of us simply write them off as being nothing more than – well – coincidences.


However, as you’ll see in to today’s Life Nugget, we at AD believe them to be far, far more important & valuable than that. 


This topic is particularly relevant to the both of us, for it was through a series of quite frankly ridiculous coincidences that AD emerged (so, when we say that paying attention to them can change the course of your life, we really, really mean it!)


In the comments below, we’d love you to tell us about any meaningful coincidences in your life – acknowledging them might just change your life, too ;) 


Persia & Joey