The Trick to Manifesting Your Ideal Lover... Or Anything Else (*click here to comment)

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“If you want something, you need to set a very clear & specific intention in order to manifest it.” @AddictiveDau#GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff


One of our recent life-coaching clients (let’s call her Amy) really wanted to be in a relationship.


Like most of the ADs that we’ve had the pleasure of working with, Amy was gorgeous, intelligent & witty – clearly her lack of pulling power wasn’t a result of being an unattractive dating prospect.


However, there were TWO things that Amy was NOT doing that meant that, no matter how much she wanted to attract someone great into her life – someone that she really, really liked & could connect with - she didn’t stand a hope in hell.


If you’re wondering why you’re still single, despite REALLY wanting a partner (and being a total catch) then don’t miss today’s Life Nugget.


We hope you know we’re not here to tell you that being in a relationship is better than being single (Persia’s single & loving it!) – we just want to give a few handy tips to those of you that DO want to meet that special someone before the year’s out.


As always, actions speak louder than words, so let us know in the comments below what it is specifically that you would like to manifest – and just watch the miracles start to unfold…


Massive manifesting love,

Persia & Joey