The secret to having the best Christmas ever (*click here to comment)

It’s a Tweeter! 

“Give your presence, not presents this Christmas.” - @lululemon via @AddictiveDau #givepresence


Seasons greetings ADs!


We’ve got something really important we want to share with you in today’s Life Nugget.


It’s guaranteed to totally revolutionise your (and your loved ones’) entire festive experience.


At this time of year, it’s really easy to get so caught up in the chaotic buzz of buying presents, going to endless Christmas parties & eating your way into oblivion.


(Oh – and spending waaaaaay more in a week than you’ve made the entire month…)


If you want to know how to have the best festive season ever this year, make sure you put the message of today’s Life Nugget into practice – starting right now.


After all, Christmas does only come once a year.


After you’ve seen it, let us know in the comments below what you plan to do on Christmas day to be more present for your family.


Have a wonderful festive period, and be sure to get some proper rest!

So much love, Persia & Joey xx