The Remedy to Compare & Despair (*Click here to comment)

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“Unnecessary competitiveness is not only pointless, it’s really unattractive.” @AddictiveDau #getaddictedtothegoodstuff 


One of us was recently at an amazing yoga retreat in Spain (called Yoga Sutra Shala - for those of you into your health holidays).


The sun was shining, the views were stunning, the food was gorgeous & the people were lovely.




During the twice daily yoga classes, one of us became quite literally obsessed with being better than everyone else at all the yoga poses (a typical defect of a self-confessed Perfectionist & Overachiever…)


The thing is, unnecessary competition is not only pointless, it’s really unattractive. 


If you always find yourself competing with others, watch today’s Life Nugget for our favourite mantra for getting out of compare & despair mode.


In the comments below this vlog, let us know the area in your life in which you tend to be most competitive (e.g body, career, yoga) & tell us 3 ways you can up your personal game in this area (so that you’re only competing against yourself!)


Big lovin, Persia & Joey