The 4 word mantra to get you through tough times (*click here to comment)


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“What you resist persists.” - C G Jung via @AddictiveDau


Hi ADs,


Sometimes, life is hard.


(Indeed, the 1st of the “4 Noble Truths” Buddha taught was that “Life is suffering.”)


And, when we’re in a tough spot, we tend to feel like we’ll never get out of it.


This is made worse by the fact we live in a culture that insists we should be feeling happy all the time, otherwise something is very, very wrong.


However, that’s not only complete bull, it’s actually the reason we stay low and stuck for longer than we need to, because as we all know, what we resist persists.


The 4 word mantra we share in today’s Life Nugget is without a doubt the most important & helpful tool we know to move you through these difficult periods in life – so much faster.


Some feelings may be more comfortable to experience than others (such as joy, love, excitement etc), but those feelings we deem ‘negative’ (such as fear, anxiety, sadness) are also a crucial part of what it means to be human.


This topic’s really close to our hearts, and we’d love some input from you in the comments below:


What ideas or phrases have helped you navigate painful times in your life?


Please, please do share them with our AD community here – your words may just change someone’s life today.


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P & J xx