Single? 3 Steps to Transform your Love Life w/ Project Love


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“Never assume to know what your type is.” - @_ProjectLove_ via @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedtotheGoodStuff

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As we’re sure you’re well aware, this week it’s Valentine's Day – probably one of the most loved and hated dates in the calendar.Whilst it can be great if you’ve got someone special to revel with in the abundance of chocolates, flowers, shiny balloons and over-priced cards, those of us who are going solo for today can often feel less than (and extremely resentful…)


We were chatting with our friend Selina Barker from Project Love about this idea, and she gave us a really great nugget of wisdom that’s made us view Valentine's Day in a totally new way. 


She reminded us that it’s about love, not relationships.


Couples don’t get to claim the monopoly on this day – in fact, anyone can bag themselves a great Valentine's date on Saturday, if they follow the 3 steps Selina shared with us in our latest Skype Nugget.


(N.B. Step 1 is also really important to do if you’re in a relationship!)


After you’ve watched the vid, it’s time to put ideas into action, so let us know in the comments below where you plan to take your **very special Valentine's date** this week...


Biggest love,

Persia & Joey xx