How to stop technology from stealing your happiness (*click here to comment)

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“Reclaim your time by getting offline.” - @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedtotheGoodStuff



Hello ADs,


It’s 7am. Your alarm goes off.


After pressing snooze 3 times, you finally turn it off and start scrolling through your emails, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook feeds, to see what you’ve missed out on while in the land of nod.


You continue to do this throughout the day, and then again last thing at night before bed.


But, you’re not alone.


You see, we’ve all become totally addicted to technology.


We kid ourselves that it’s all in the name of staying ‘connected’ & ‘on top of things’, when in reality, it’s just another way of avoiding the real connection that can only come from engaging with a human being – face-to-face.


No only that, but recent studies have shown that too much technology can zap your energy levels and make you extremely unfocused & unproductive – as well as depressed.


If you know you’re a Tech Junkie, check out our latest Life Nugget, where we’ll share 2 tools to help you break your addiction to it - and reclaim your time, joy & sanity.


Why spend all your time existing in a virtual world, when there’s so much gorgeousness to be experienced for real out there?


We’d love to hear what your strategy is for reclaiming your time (and sanity) in the comments below – we’re always up for learning new tips!


Huge love,

Persia & Joey xx