How to Silence Perves - without being a b*tch (*click here to comment)

It’s a Tweeter!

“If you don’t want to feel like a victim of sexist banter, choose not to respond to it like one.”@AddictiveDau #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff


One of us was walking down the street recently, when up ahead, we saw some scaffolding with a group of builders milling around drinking tea.


Our heart sank.


We knew what was inevitably coming:


“Alright darling! Nice rack!”


“Heeeeey sexy, show us ya bum!”


(And this would be on a good day).


As every Addictive Daughter knows, there’s nothing more humiliating than being jeered at by a group of blokes trying to impress their mates with sexist “banter”.


What’s worse, even the most witty & eloquent of us often find ourselves struggling to respond to said jeering with a comeback that doesn’t sound totally naff.


Instead, we typically warble out a meek “F**k you!” before awkwardly shuffling off.


Well, NO MORE!


In today’s Life Nugget, we share with you our tried & tested solution to silencing perves – without being a b*tch.


This is a really juicy topic today, so we REALLY want to hear from you in the comments below. How have you responded to sexist jeering in the past? What was the reaction?


Big love,

Persia & Joey xx