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“No one has the power to take your ‘happy’ unless you give it to them.” - Persia’s mum, via @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff


Sometimes, people hurt us.


And there’s absolutely nothing that we did to deserve it.


Though we always advocate looking at ‘your side of the street’ when it comes to most painful situations in life, there’s the odd occasion when you simply get screwed over – through no fault of your own.


Maybe you were a loving, attentive girlfriend, but your boyfriend cheated on you anyway.


Maybe someone crashed into your parked car – and then did a runner.


Or maybe, someone broke into your home and stole your most treasured possessions, smashing the place up as they went.


If you’ve ever been deeply wronged by someone, even though you did nothing wrong, the message of today’s Life Nugget is guaranteed to empower you.


We can’t control everything that happens to us in this life; it’s inevitable that at some point, we’re gonna get burned, no matter how loving & kind we are.


When you’ve watched the vlog, we’d really love you to join in the comments below – today, we’ve got a great actionable for you that’ll help you move through the pain of being screwed over so much faster.


With love, Persia & Joey xx