HOME-WRECKERS: What To Do When Your Partner’s Being Pursued By Someone Else


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“If someone fancies your partner, don’t get angry, take it as a compliment.” - @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff

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Hey ADs,

Have you ever been in a relationship in which your partner’s received far more romantic attention from the opposite (or same) sex than you’re comfortable with?

The scale of such attention can vary dramatically:

It could just be a few harmless glances when your man/ woman is walking down the street or in a bar.

OR, it could involve a barrage of texts/ phone calls/ inappropriate behavior that is simply not OK.

What’s infuriating is that, much of the time, the ‘pursuer’ is well aware that the object of their affection is unavailable (in fact, this often seems to egg them on even more, in our experience).

If you’ve been in the unfortunate position of having your other half lusted after, check out our unexpected approach to dealing with this situation with grace & dignity.

Having been the offending ‘pursuer’ ourselves on occasion back in the day, we can tell you first hand that:


“Throwing yourself at other people’s partners isn’t sexy, it’s desperate.” - @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff

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It’s a pretty humiliating life lesson to learn, and one we really hope you don’t have to experience first-hand (if you haven’t already!)

Once you’ve watched this week’s Nugget, we’d love to hear your take on this topic in the comments below:

Have you ever had to deal with unsolicited romantic advances in your relationship? What did you do?

And if you’re feeling really brave, have you ever been guilty of ‘home-wrecking’ yourself in the past? What do you think caused this behaviour?

Really looking forward to hearing your take on this issue – it’s a tough one!

Love always, Persia & Joey xx