FRIEND-DUMPING: How Your New Friendships Are Killing Your Old Ones.


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“You can make new friends, but you can’t make old friends.” - @rebeccathoughts via @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff

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Hi ADs,

You know those old friendships – the ones that are so familiar and comfortable, they’re just like slipping into a pair of warm, worn, snuggly slippers?

Great, aren’t they?

But, also, really easy to neglect and take for granted when seduced by a pair of brand-spanking, sparkly new shoes that are all trussed up like a Christmas turkey (metaphor for new friendship, incase you missed it…)

Maybe you’ve been that pair of “old slippers” before – cast aside by your BFF as soon as a more exciting new friend (or lover) turns up on the scene.

It doesn’t feel nice, does it?

And yet, before you know it, you’re doing the exact same thing to old friends yourself.  

Today’s Life Nugget offers some simple (yet sage) advice for this very common friendship dilemma.

Whilst we’re all for you expanding your social group, it shouldn’t be at the expense of those friendships that have seen you through some of your best (and darkest) days in the past:


“Friendships are like flowers: if you don’t water them, they will wilt.” - @AddictiveDau 

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After you’ve watched the vlog, we’d love you to join in on the “To Do” of the day in the comments below.

We hope it serves as the launch pad to creating some wonderful new memories with your lovely “old slippers” – they deserve it (and so do you.)

Big love,

Persia & Joey