How To Instantly Boost Your (& Others) Self-Worth


Hey ADs,

We hope you had a lovely first week back at work and aren’t feeling too glum about this incredibly wet weather we’ve been experiencing (in the UK).

To help cheer you up, we’ve got a super quick, easy & free tool that’ll instantly boost your own (and other people’s) self-worth – no gruelling diets, workouts or makeovers necessary!

This is possibly one of the most simple but under-used ways of making someone’s day, and in this grizzly month of January, we really need to be spreading the love and good vibes more than ever…

Now, you may find that when you start to practice doing this week’s challenge, you meet with some resistance - particularly when it comes to the ‘receiving element’ of it, as we explain in today’s video.


“Good things come to those who are ready to receive them.” - @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff

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But, push through anyway, because this habit is one that’s well worth cultivating!

Excited to catch you in the comments below...

Big love, Persia & Joey