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“If in doubt, assume the best.” - @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedtotheGoodStuff


Happy New Year ADs!


We hope you had a corker of a celebration – whether you were out dancing till dawn, or sound asleep before the clock struck midnight.


As you may well have discovered, the festive period can bring up a lot of stress & tension at home.


Lovely as it is to hang out with your family & other halves so much, you often find yourself winding each other up and arguing over the smallest things.


Maybe your man stayed out much later than he said he would. Or your dad was sarcastic & rude about the pressie you bought him. Or your best friend ditched you last minute on NYE.


You get upset, then angry, then really, really resentful.


This sound at all familiar?


If so, check out today’s Life Nugget where we share our favourite mantra to help you move through this sort of conflict – and fast.


After you’ve watched the vlog, tell us in the comments below about a situation with one of your loved ones where you assumed the worst. How did it make you feel, and what would you do differently today?


We wish you the most wonderful 2015 imaginable ☺


Persia & Joey xXx