Are You A Flake/ Always Late? Watch This.


It’s a Tweeter!

“Flakiness & lateness shows a disrespect for other people’s time.” - @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff

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Hi ADs,

What’s the lamest excuse you’ve ever given (or been given) for being late?

We’ve heard (and said) too many to count:

“I thought we were meeting at 7, not 6.”

“My bus was on diversion.”

“I’ve got a dodgy tummy, so had to get off the tube a few stops early to go to the toilet.”

“The dog puked in my handbag.”

“My key broke in my front door, so I had to wait for a locksmith to come before I could leave the flat.”

Although sometimes these reasons (aka excuses) for lateness may well be the real deal, let’s face it, a lot of time, they’re absolute hogwash.

So, why do we bother lying – why not just tell the truth?

It’s almost as though we value punctuality over honesty these days (but still fail to be punctual, regardless!)

Having been guilty of telling numerous ‘white’ lies in the past to excuse our tardiness, we felt a Nugget on the subject of being a Flake (and on the receiving end of someone else’s flakiness) was well overdue.

Modern technology has made it so much easier to be less punctual, because now we can let people know we’re running late, rather than them just having to wait and see if we’ll show up at the agreed time. But remember:


“If you don’t respect people’s time, don’t expect them to respect yours – or you.” – @AddictiveDau 

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After all, seeing as life seems to have sped up exponentially in the last few years, time really is our most precious commodity – we’d do well to honour it more.

After you’ve watched the Nugget, we’d love to know in the comments below:

What’s the worst excuse you’ve given (or received) for lateness?

Excited to read them!

Love always,

Persia & Joey xx