An Unexpected Benefit From The Most Obvious Health Tip

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“It’s the obvious acts of self care that are most easily forgotten.” – @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff

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Hey ADs,

Today’s Life Nugget Challenge has never been a natural habit for either of us – in fact, we’d probably go as far as saying we really don’t enjoy doing it.

We’re not gonna lie: it’s boring, it’s annoying, and even worse, it can also make things look like they’re getting worse for a time when it comes to your health.

So, why are we asking our lovely ADs to do it for a whole week then?? – you may be thinking.

Well, firstly, when we carried out this exercise for 7 days ourselves, one of us experienced a bizarre & unexpected benefit that has now made this practice her #1 health priority.

To see what we mean, watch our latest January Challenge and see if you get the same surprising results that we did.

Although we acknowledge that today’s challenge may seem like the most common health tip ever, it’s probably also the one we let slide more than any other

So, once you’ve had a chance to watch the vid, we’d love to know if you experienced the same weird benefit too.

Let us know in the comments below…

As always, so grateful for your continued support & engagement with us.

All our love

Persia & Joey


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