6 Quick Tools To Protect Yourself From Energy Vampires - with Louise Androlia (*click here to comment)

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“If you absorb other people’s negative energy, you can’t support them effectively” @Louniverse via @AddictiveDau #getaddictedtothegoodstuff


Recently, we found ourselves in a business meeting with a lovely but very intense lady.


As two massive chatterboxes ourselves, we became a little unsettled when we weren’t able to get a word in edgeways throughout the entire meeting.


When we left the café, we both felt exhausted & drained – so much so, that it took a good 5 minutes before we could muster enough energy to discuss what had just happened!


Energy may be invisible, but the feelings it generates are extremely powerful nonetheless.


If you ever find yourself feeling depleted after being around certain people (sometimes known as ‘drains’ or ‘energy vampires’) our very 1st Skype Nugget with Energy Guru Louise Androlia is not to be missed.


In the comments below, we’d love to hear about your own experiences with energy vampires, and which of these 6 tools you’re going to start using to help deal with them!

Love, Persia & Joey xx