3 Ways NOT to Have a One-Night Stand (*click here to comment)


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“A boundary set in time saves dignity decline!” @AddictiveDau #getaddictedtothegoodstuff 



You know how it goes:


The Bulmers is flowing.


The music’s blaring.


The rain’s pouring, and the fitty behind you is - well - FIT.


Before you know it it’s 9am, and you find yourself waking up in his sweltering tent with the worst morning mouth ever, and not a clue how you got there (or what his name is...)


The festival one-night stand.


We’ve all been there.


Sometimes, it can be fun.


Other times, it leaves you feeling awkward & as empty as the cans of Fosters littering his tent.


In today’s Life Nugget, we’ve got a 3 part strategy to ensure you never again have to wake up filled with shame & remorse after a big night.


This one’s a must watch for all party-girls, so please do share it with your friends (perhaps as a PM for dignity’s sake...)


In the comments below, let us know if you have any other useful tips to ensure you’re not bitten by the One-Night Stand bug of shame the morning after the night before...


Biggest love,

Persia & Joey xx