3 Tips to Turn Your Career HELL into Career HELL-O with Selina Barker (*click here to comment)

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So, summer is officially over, and we’re all in ‘Back2School’ mode.


September has always felt like a kind of ‘new beginning’ - thanks to distant memories of ridiculously lengthy summer holidays & the exciting/ terrifying prospect of a new school term…


But, lots of us dread this time of year, as we’re forced to get back into the dreary monotonous routine of a day job that we really can’t stand - our poor, uninspired souls shuddering at the mere thought.


If this is you, DON’T miss today’s Skype Nugget with the gorgeous Career Coach Selina Barker.


It’ll give you some juicy practical tools to get you on the path to finding your dream career – as soon as TODAY.


After watching, let us know in the comments below if you’ve ever ditched your day job to follow your dreams – and if so, what’s your number one piece of advice for other ADs out there who want to do the same?!

Big love,

Persia & Joey xx