3 STEPS TO GLOWING SKIN with MADELEINE SHAW (*click here to comment)


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“Happiness & self-love makes your skin glow more than any cream ever could.” @madeleine_shaw_ via @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff


The sky is blue (for the most part), festival season is in full swing, and we’re all smiling heaps more than usual as a result of all the joy & merriment that comes as part & parcel of summertime.


It’s natural, therefore, that at this time of our year, we all want to look our very best.

WELL, we at addictivedaughter.com have a SUPER-DUPER treat for you today to help you do just that!


In today’s Skype Nugget, we chat to the gorgeous nutritionist Madeleine Shaw (who works with clients such as Millie Mackintosh & Caggie Dunlop from Made In Chelsea).


If you want to learn the 2 habits that are ruining your complexion, as well as 3 steps to gorgeous skin that glows & radiates from the inside-out, don’t miss today’s Nugget.


In the comments below, we’d love you to tell us which of Madeleine’s 3 tips you are going to start putting into practice TODAY (and which of the 2 habits that lead to dull skin you find harder to let go of…)


Summer lovin,

Persia & Joey x

P.S. There’s also a nifty little daily exercise in the Nugget to help you love yourself more – courtesy of our buddy from the States Kate Northrup (best-selling author of ‘Money: A Love Story) – be sure to let us know how you get along with it!