3 Spiritual Tools to Combat the 'Morning Dread' w/ Sean Patrick (*click here to comment)

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"Don’t take your negative thoughts so personally.” @thatuniverseguy via @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff


Do you ever find yourself waking up in the morning (usually a weekday) to a low level anxiety or depression that you can’t really explain?


It’s usually more intense this time of year – when it’s cold & dark outside, and the temptation to keep pressing snooze on your alarm is far stronger than in previous seasons.


We’ve always referred to this experience as ‘The Morning Dread’.


You don’t really know what it is specifically that’s making you feel so worried or miserable, you just know that you want it to go away.


If you can relate to this feeling, you’ll get loads from today’s Skype Nugget with Sean Patrick – Founder of ‘That Guy Who Loves the Universe’.


After you’ve watched it, complete the sentence in the comments below: “Who would I be if…” (as Sean explains in the last few mins of the Nugget).

We know this may make you feel hugely vulnerable, but remember, our AD community is loving & supportive, and outing your fears is the 1st step to overcoming them…


Big love,

Persia & Joey