3 questions to ask before you sleep with him/ her (*click here to comment)


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“When it comes to intimacy, always trust your intuition.” - @AddictiveDau




Hey ADs,


Nowadays, sleeping with someone for the first time isn’t really considered a big deal.


In fact, many of the people we asked said it wouldn’t even cross their minds to hold out beyond the first date.


One night stands have almost become a right of passage for many Gen Y-ers, and sleeping with a handful of people at any one time no longer seems taboo.


However, as we’ve learned ourselves, the problems come when you impulsively make the decision to share your body with someone before you’ve asked yourself the 3 very important questions we’re going to share with you in today’s Life Nugget.


It was once said to one of us by a dance teacher that in today’s culture, we’re all far too casual with our bodies.


We forget that they’re sacred – and sensitive, and in doing so, cause ourselves a lot of unnecessary pain and trauma further down the line.


Today’s topic is a pretty controversial one, and we really want to get a big discussion going in the comments below:


How do you go about making this decision? Or, what rules have you heard about when it’s the “right time” to sleep with someone?


Let us know below!


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