Feeling Bored In Your Relationship? How To Get Back To The ‘Honeymoon’ Phase.

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“If you want to spice up a relationship get creative with how you spend your time together.” @AddictiveDau

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Hi ADs,


I’m falling head over heels in love.

I’m completely crazy about him/ her.

I’ve never felt this way before.


We’ve all uttered some version of the above in the heady throes of a new relationship, right?

The both of us certainly have (more times than we’d care to admit!)

But, what happens when you’re a year in, and the mere sight of your lover no longer induces the butterflies-in-your-tummy feeling they once did?

What happens when you’re so comfortable with each other that burping or farting in one another’s company isn’t a taboo (or huge embarrassment) anymore?

BOREDOM. Grass-is-greener syndrome.

That’s what.

If you feel like you’re in a bit of a stagnant rut in your relationship, watch today’s Life Nugget now.

A heads up - the advice we share in the above video is not limited to romantic relationships.

In fact, the idea was actually born out of a deep desire to re-kindle the spark in our friendship with each other (because working together day-in, day-out isn’t as sexy as you might think…)

Just like in long-term relationships, old friendships also require time, energy & consistent effort to keep the passion alive.


“Flames need fanning to keep the fire alight. So do relationships.” @AddictiveDau

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We promise that if you commit to taking action via the challenge at the end of the vid, something significant will shift in your relationship. 

You’ll see the other person with fresh eyes, and start remembering all the reasons you were so drawn to them in the first place.

You’ll feel like you’re falling in love again.

Most importantly, you’ll give them the opportunity to feel the same about you.

So give it a go now – what have you got to lose?


Persia & Joey xx