Why Do You Drink & What If You Didn’t?

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“A spiritual life is when you meet pain with love instead of running from it in fear.” @AddictiveDau #InnerFix

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Hi ADs,


Not so long ago, we heard a really thought-provoking concept about why people drink.

A wise fella in the pub ( - ironically!) told us that we only ever drink for one of two reasons:

To celebrate, or to escape.


And, yes – when we mulled that corker over, we found ourselves inclined to agree.

There does seem to be a big difference between these two types of drinking, in our opinion:

1)    The type where you go out with friends to have fun and celebrate milestones such as birthdays & engagements - or to your your local for a cheeky pint after work with a colleague every now and then.

2)    The type where your sole intention is to get absolutely out of your mind because you’re feeling shit about yourself & your life – and you want some temporary relief from the anxiety/ depression you’re feeling.

Drinking alcohol is such a normalised part of our culture these days that it’s not always easy to spot which of the 2 types of drinking you’re engaging in.

Today’s Nugget will not only give you the chance to get clearer about your personal reasons for drinking, it’ll also inspire you to look at this issue from a different perspective altogether.

As we mention so often in Addictive Daughter:


“We reach for things outside of us to feel better on the inside.” @AddictiveDau

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This is totally understandable. These are difficult times, and we’re all just trying to make our way through as best we can.

But, what we’ve found immeasurably useful is the simple practice of awareness – starting to consider WHY we’re reaching for those quick fixes, and what would happen if we chose to hold back – even if just for a moment.

It could be an eye-opener. It could be game-changing.

We really hope you’ll join us in becoming more aware below :)

All our love,

Persia & Joey xxx