What To Do When You F*ck Up

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“If you f*ck up, own up.” @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff

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Hi ADs,


We’ve all been there.

That horrific, stomach-churning anxiety that arises when we accidentally do something stupid or thoughtless – and we know there’s probably gonna be hell to pay.

Here’s a few e.g’s some friends shared with us:

“I once let the dog off the lead in the park when mum specifically told me not to – he was missing for over 2 hours, and I seriously considered leaving the country.”

“My friend and I were bitching about another friend over text and I accidentally sent one of the messages to the girl we were talking about. Awful.”

“I shrunk my housemate’s designer cashmere jumper after wearing it without asking her, then told her it was the cleaner - who doesn’t speak English.”

If you’ve ever fucked up in the past – or fear you may accidentally fuck up in the future (and chances are you will btw..) our latest Life Nugget’s a must watch.

What was interesting when we spoke to our friends about this topic was just how often we all mess up – but then equally, just how quickly we judge others when their mistake negatively impacts us:


“The good are kind when you’re good; the great are kind when you’re bad.” @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff

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This week’s “To Do” is all about liberating yourself from the shackles of the shame and guilt that come along with fucking up.

We’ve personally found that hearing other people talk about their own mistakes (and how they tried to wriggle out of them…) is a great reminder that we’re all fallible – every single one of us does stupid things sometimes.

So we think it’s high time we gifted ourselves (and each other) a bit of compassion in this area.

We hope you’ll share one of your stupid mistakes with us in the comments below ;)


Persia & Joey xx