What To Do When People Don’t Text Back

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“Don’t focus on what someone else has done wrong, focus on what you can do right.” @AddictiveDau #InnerFix

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Hi ADs,

There’s probably nothing more infuriating than when people don’t return our texts or calls.

Initially, we may tell ourselves that they’re probably just really busy – or that it’s slipped their mind.

But, when they then fail to respond to our follow up message/s, we can’t help but start to wonder whether they might be avoiding us altogether.

In creeps embarrassment, self-doubt and big social paranoia.

Maybe they don’t like me? Maybe they find me annoying/ desperate/ a bit of a loser? 

It’s a horrible feeling – and one we’re sure everyone can relate to at some point or another.  

In today’s Nugget we share a practical tool to help you deal with this situation.

Look, the reality is that we live in extremely stressful & overwhelming times.

We’re bombarded with information pretty much 24/7 – from text messages to social media updates to endless advertisements that clog up our inboxes.

Inevitably, we’re each gonna drop the ball & forget to reply to some messages – but most of the time, it really isn’t personal.


“Don’t take other people’s behaviour so personally.” @AddictiveDau

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When you’ve watched the video, we’d love you to join us in practicing the idea we talk about in today’s Nugget – it really will help you stop feeling rejected and start feeling empowered again in this area.  

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Love, Persia & Joey xx