4 Words To Stop Your Bad Mood Affecting Others

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“If you’re feeling blue be kind & tell others: It’s not about you.” @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff

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Hey ADs,


Picture the scene:

You’re about to meet a friend in town for a coffee, and are feeling positive, excited & generally pretty happy all round. When you arrive, your friend’s sitting there looking unusually downcast.

“What’s up, are you ok?!” you ask.

“Yeh good, just tired,” she replies coldly – before promptly changing the subject.

You chat about random unimportant stuff as you sip your drinks, and her mood doesn’t seem to lift.

When she goes to the toilet, you mentally scan your recent interactions with her.

Did I forget her birthday?

Have I said something bitchy about her & she’s found out?

But you can’t think of anything that would explain why she’s being so weird and passive aggressive with you.

Ever been in a situation like that with someone you love?

We have – many times (often with each other) – and finally we’ve discovered a solution that diffuses that awkward tension almost immediately.

Check it out in today’s Life Nugget (it’s so simple but soooo effective). 

Our thoughts & feelings really do have a powerful impact on those around us – particularly on the people we’re closest to:


“Bad vibes are contagious – but so are good ones.” @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff

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That’s why we want you to take a moment and get involved in the “To Do” this week – it’s honestly really helped our friendship dynamic so much over the past few months.

We look forward to hearing from you over in the comments below.

Huge love,

Persia & Joey xx