The Most Underrated Tool For A Happier Headspace w/ Katie Dalebout

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Hi ADs,

We have a question for you today:

When you’re feeling in a bit of a funky headspace, what do you find you tend to reach for first to get yourself out of it?

For most of us, chocolate, wine, online clothes shopping or a dating app are often the first ‘home remedies’ that spring to mind.

Because let’s be honest – they do have a pretty good track record of getting the job done – and fast.

But they’re also the same things we end up cursing & blaming for making us feel fat, hungover, anxious about our finances & rejected.

We’re not saying that any of these things are ‘bad’ in and of themselves – like everything, when savoured (in moderation) these little pleasures can help create some of our most enjoyable experiences.

But, what if there was another habit we cultivated & leaned on in those low moments instead – one that did the same job of helping us ‘let off steam’ & feel good about ourselves – just without the crash afterwards?

In today’s Skype Nugget, we’re speaking to our good friend – author & speaker Katie Dalebout – about the wellness practice that helped her overcome her eating disorder and create permanent change.

Katie’s book ‘Let It Out launched last week to an incredible reception – so we were really grateful to grab 10 mins of her time.

She reminded us about something that we forget all too often – especially when we’re feeling stuck or anxious about a situation:

Instead of reaching outside of ourselves for guidance (from friends/ therapists/ the internet) turn inwards instead, because that’s where you’ll find the right answers for you.

We hope you’ll join Katie & ourselves to learn 3 tools from her book that’ll help you do this.

Lots of love,

Persia & Joey xx