“Should I Stay Or Should I Go?” Crucial Advice For Life-Changing Decisions.

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“Big decisions deserve time & space, not force & haste.” @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff

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When something isn’t going well in your world – whether that’s your job, your relationship or even a friendship, do you ever find yourself wanting to cut & run?

Problems & obstacles are a natural part of life, but when we hit particularly rocky times, it can often feel very tempting to jack it all in:

We tell ourselves that by walking in a different direction entirely, everything will be easier – stuff will just fall into place.

That may well be so.

HOWEVER, there’s a high chance that by ending things prematurely, we’ll either regret our decision, or it won’t stick.

If you’re struggling with the age-old question of whether to leave a relationship, job or anything else that’s important to you, we urge you to watch today’s Nugget before you do so.

Walking away is sometimes absolutely the right choice to make, but only when we’re doing it for the right reasons – and only when we’re 100% sure:


“Don’t walk away unless you really mean it.” @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff

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We’ve got a really important question to ask you at the end of the vid – and we hope you take this opportunity to get really honest with yourself, because you’re gonna have to at some point (always better to do so sooner rather than later, in our experience).

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