Feeling Bored In Your Relationship? How To Get Back To The ‘Honeymoon’ Phase.

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“If you want to spice up a relationship get creative with how you spend your time together.” @AddictiveDau

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Hi ADs,


I’m falling head over heels in love.

I’m completely crazy about him/ her.

I’ve never felt this way before.


We’ve all uttered some version of the above in the heady throes of a new relationship, right?

The both of us certainly have (more times than we’d care to admit!)

But, what happens when you’re a year in, and the mere sight of your lover no longer induces the butterflies-in-your-tummy feeling they once did?

What happens when you’re so comfortable with each other that burping or farting in one another’s company isn’t a taboo (or huge embarrassment) anymore?

BOREDOM. Grass-is-greener syndrome.

That’s what.

If you feel like you’re in a bit of a stagnant rut in your relationship, watch today’s Life Nugget now.

A heads up - the advice we share in the above video is not limited to romantic relationships.

In fact, the idea was actually born out of a deep desire to re-kindle the spark in our friendship with each other (because working together day-in, day-out isn’t as sexy as you might think…)

Just like in long-term relationships, old friendships also require time, energy & consistent effort to keep the passion alive.


“Flames need fanning to keep the fire alight. So do relationships.” @AddictiveDau

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We promise that if you commit to taking action via the challenge at the end of the vid, something significant will shift in your relationship. 

You’ll see the other person with fresh eyes, and start remembering all the reasons you were so drawn to them in the first place.

You’ll feel like you’re falling in love again.

Most importantly, you’ll give them the opportunity to feel the same about you.

So give it a go now – what have you got to lose?


Persia & Joey xx

How To Deal With That Nasty Voice Inside Your Head

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“Your fear should always have a voice and a seat in the vehicle of your life, but don’t let your fear drive.” @GilbertLiz via @AddictiveDau

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Hey ADs,

If you’re a Brit (and even if you’re not), you’re probably aware of last week’s vote to decide whether the UK should leave or remain in the EU.

And you’re probably aware that the Brexit vote won.

In this moment, our nation stands divided, and very soon everything as we know it is going to change to quite a large extent.

This has brought up an incredible amount of fear, panic, confusion & anger within - and among - many of us.

Most of all, because we just don’t know what’s going to happen next. 


As we’ve learned in our personal lives:

“If there’s one thing worse than the shit hitting the fan, it’s the anticipation of the shit hitting the fan.” @AddictiveDau

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Waiting for something bad to happen (as we fear at least half of Britain is currently doing) causes us to think, feel & do some really crazy things.

We pick fights with our lover over nothing, because we’re terrified they’re going to leave us. Pushing them away first makes us feel like we have some control.

We sabotage our career by procrastinating over projects we’ve been put in charge of, as deep down we fear we’re not worthy & will be ‘found out.’

That voice inside our heads – the one that tells us we’re too fat/ too tall/ too loud/ too shy/ too ….. (fill in the blank) to be happy & successful is extremely dangerous.

Not only does it convince us not to trust or accept ourselves, it ends up driving us not to trust or accept those around us, either.

And then what we’re left with is a whole lot of suspicion, intolerance & disconnection (sound familiar?)

In today’s Life Nugget, we share a simple tool to help loosen that internal negative voice’s grip over you.

At the end of the day, what’s done is done.

The only choice we have left in this matter is whether or not we’re willing to try & make the best of the situation we now find ourselves in.

Is peace going to be our priority, or not?

As we say in our book The Inner Fix, “focus on the insides & the outsides will take care of themselves.”

That goes for countries & unions – as well as individuals.

Please do come & join in the conversation over on the blog – we’d really, really love your thoughts on this topic :)

Love always,

Persia & Joey xx


Why Do You Drink & What If You Didn’t?

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“A spiritual life is when you meet pain with love instead of running from it in fear.” @AddictiveDau #InnerFix

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Hi ADs,


Not so long ago, we heard a really thought-provoking concept about why people drink.

A wise fella in the pub ( - ironically!) told us that we only ever drink for one of two reasons:

To celebrate, or to escape.


And, yes – when we mulled that corker over, we found ourselves inclined to agree.

There does seem to be a big difference between these two types of drinking, in our opinion:

1)    The type where you go out with friends to have fun and celebrate milestones such as birthdays & engagements - or to your your local for a cheeky pint after work with a colleague every now and then.

2)    The type where your sole intention is to get absolutely out of your mind because you’re feeling shit about yourself & your life – and you want some temporary relief from the anxiety/ depression you’re feeling.

Drinking alcohol is such a normalised part of our culture these days that it’s not always easy to spot which of the 2 types of drinking you’re engaging in.

Today’s Nugget will not only give you the chance to get clearer about your personal reasons for drinking, it’ll also inspire you to look at this issue from a different perspective altogether.

As we mention so often in Addictive Daughter:


“We reach for things outside of us to feel better on the inside.” @AddictiveDau

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This is totally understandable. These are difficult times, and we’re all just trying to make our way through as best we can.

But, what we’ve found immeasurably useful is the simple practice of awareness – starting to consider WHY we’re reaching for those quick fixes, and what would happen if we chose to hold back – even if just for a moment.

It could be an eye-opener. It could be game-changing.

We really hope you’ll join us in becoming more aware below :)

All our love,

Persia & Joey xxx

What To Do When People Don’t Text Back

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“Don’t focus on what someone else has done wrong, focus on what you can do right.” @AddictiveDau #InnerFix

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Hi ADs,

There’s probably nothing more infuriating than when people don’t return our texts or calls.

Initially, we may tell ourselves that they’re probably just really busy – or that it’s slipped their mind.

But, when they then fail to respond to our follow up message/s, we can’t help but start to wonder whether they might be avoiding us altogether.

In creeps embarrassment, self-doubt and big social paranoia.

Maybe they don’t like me? Maybe they find me annoying/ desperate/ a bit of a loser? 

It’s a horrible feeling – and one we’re sure everyone can relate to at some point or another.  

In today’s Nugget we share a practical tool to help you deal with this situation.

Look, the reality is that we live in extremely stressful & overwhelming times.

We’re bombarded with information pretty much 24/7 – from text messages to social media updates to endless advertisements that clog up our inboxes.

Inevitably, we’re each gonna drop the ball & forget to reply to some messages – but most of the time, it really isn’t personal.


“Don’t take other people’s behaviour so personally.” @AddictiveDau

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When you’ve watched the video, we’d love you to join us in practicing the idea we talk about in today’s Nugget – it really will help you stop feeling rejected and start feeling empowered again in this area.  

Catch you in the comments below...

Love, Persia & Joey xx


How To Know If You’re Romantically Compatible

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“If you want to know if you’re compatible with someone, ask them how they’d spend their dream holiday.” @AddictiveDau

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Hi ADs,

We hope you had a beautiful weekend <3

Firstly, we just want to say a huge THANK YOU.

We’ve been truly overwhelmed by just how much love + support we’ve received over the last week for the launch of our first book The Inner Fix

We’re delighted to announce that it’s now officially out in shops throughout the UK - and available to purchase worldwide via Amazon. 

Although it’s slightly scary for us knowing that so many of you now have some of our most exposing stories in your possession (!) we can’t wait to hear how the ideas + tools in The Inner Fix make a difference in your own life.

As you’ll soon discover, the majority of the book focuses on romantic relationships – from falling in love to moving through heartbreak - and everything in between…

Love has always been our favourite topic to discuss in our friendship groups and Addictive Daughter – it’s an area we both have a lot of experience in (good + bad!)

That’s why we’re really excited to share a particularly juicy ‘Love’ Nugget with you today.

Our friend Selina (one half of ‘Project Love’) once gave us some great advice around this topic:


“Don’t assume to know what your type is.” @SelinaBarker via @AddictiveDau #GetAddictedToTheGoodStuff

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Today, we’re both grateful to be in happy, loving relationships (one of us is even married) – and we can now testify that Selina’s advice really does seem to ring true.

We always thought we knew what kind of guy would be right for us, but that mental image didn’t necessarily look like either of the men that we find ourselves with today.

However, what did seem to match up was the specific compatability yardstick we talk about in today’s nugget.

Check out the video + see if it ends up working for you, too ;)

All our love,

Persia & Joey xx


P.S. Don’t forget to answer the ‘To Do’ of today in the comments below – it could prove very useful to you on future dates!


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