Salena Mastroianni, 28, Singer, London

“I came to the coaching with Addictive Daughter with quite an open-mind, as I’ve also had therapy in the past, which I felt this coaching really complemented. It also made me get clear about my unique strengths & gifts, as well as helping me believe in myself more by showing me how far I’ve already come.  It reminded me how much good stuff I have in my life today – and my music career and my body & health are all going from strength to strength as a result.

One of the main benefits I got from the coaching is that it inspired me to be more positive – especially when things are rough – as the coaching showed me that I can see this as a gift to work on my emotions and reactions. I would highly recommend coaching with Addictive Daughter, because it gives you really useful and specific tools to help lead a happier life, and gives you a boost of motivation to actually make the changes you need to make!”

Neo Khama