Poppy Carter, 25, Doctor, Portsmouth

“My initial hesitation about coaching was that I didn’t feel like things were bad enough to need it. I wasn’t near breakdown, my world wasn’t falling apart. I just wanted things to be better, more of the time.

Now that I’ve completed the 6-week programme, I feel more purposeful than I have ever felt before. I still get fluctuations in my emotional state and spiral over silly things BUT the bounce back is noticeably shorter. And less painful! I am also much more gentle with myself and connected.

My favourite part of the coaching process was the close, completely open relationship I developed so quickly developed with Joey. It felt like a completely safe space…and she didn’t mind when I swore or cried! I’ve realised that happiness is a choice…and it takes work. I think before I had too many expectations on life to be perfect every moment. Coaching encourages a gentleness and awareness which I didn’t have before.

I would absolutely recommend coaching to others. I have already recommended it to all my friends! If you’re thinking about doing the course, do it. C’mon, over a few months, you’d spend this amount of money on clothes and wine, why not take a risk and do something that can help you feel happier and like the best version of yourself in the long term?”

Neo Khama