Kristin Archer, 23, Berlin, Student

“At first, I thought that I wasn’t feeling down enough to invest in Addictive Daughter’s life-coaching. But I kept thinking about it, and it just felt right to sign up for it.

I’ve noticed that I am more present in and engaging with everyday life. Just the feeling of actively working on myself and my development feels great. I liked best that it was a very holistic approach and covered every aspect of life there is. At the same time, it was really personal and always related back those big topics to my personal situation and how it is relevant to me.    

Also, Persia didn’t lecture, but asked the right questions to get me to find the answer by myself and realise what is true for me. I got really practical tools to implement every day and also gained the momentum to follow through on them.     

I’d definitely recommend Addictive Daughter’s life-coaching program. You can really tell that Persia and Joey have created this from the heart and have poured all of their experiences into it, so they know what they are talking about. Also, they are super relatable for 20-somethings, since they are still in their 20s and on this journey as well.  

I’m just really excited to see what Persia and Joey are up to in the future and how Addictive Daughter will grow further and further.

Neo Khama