Jodie Kimber, 24, Mental Health Nurse, Barrow-in-Furness

“I was a bit dubious about the coaching being only 6 weeks long, as I didn't think I'd make much progress over what seems like a small time frame – how wrong I was!

I've come to be more accepting of my body both physically and mentally. I've noticed that my self-worth has improved, too. I now don't feel as though I'm beneath everyone else, that I should put other people’s needs first and that I'm not worthy of love from either myself or anyone else. 

I gave me so many tools to help build the confidence to follow what I believe my purpose on this earth is - which is really liberating!!

I loved the structure of the coaching, and that you had homework to complete each week in preparation for the next session. It sounded like a real chore at first, but once I saw the impact that doing it was having on myself, my life and the people around me, I knew that it was worth it. I also loved the variety of the topics covered – it really does touch on every part of your life and gives you the initial guidance, support and tools to carry on building the areas up over time.

I feel that I have become more loving, open, honest and accepting of myself, which for me is amazing. Although I've still got a way to go, I now have the inspiration and motivation that I need to carry on working on myself. 

I've already recommended this programme to two of my friends. I think that if it can help me see myself differently, feel differently and make me more organised and positive in my life, then it can for anyone! 

The fact that both Joey and Persia are so open and honest about their own experiences is excellent too, and really makes you believe that things will turn out alright in the end.”

Neo Khama