Jessica Dean, 38, Administrator, York

I knew that I needed to invest in myself, but I was scared about opening up and admitting that I needed some help. However, after working intensively with Joey for six weeks, I’m less anxious and fearful, I appreciate what I have so much more and I am a much better version of myself. I now know what makes me truly happy and where my priorities are and how to ensure I live my life to be the true, authentic me. 

I’m SO much calmer and more relaxed – I’m sleeping well and I’m really enjoying exercise for the first time in ages! Career wise, I have a plan of how to progress and I’m working on making those dreams a reality. I’ve also taken a new approach to dealing with my finances, which is helping me tremendously.

The best bit about my coaching was Joey’s dedication to helping me. She was always at the end of an email and our weekly calls were so helpful. She gave me such a sense of hope and optimism; her caring personality was just what I needed as I tried to navigate through some difficult decisions in my life. Our sessions were a highlight in my busy week and always left me really ready to make changes in my life. 

Working with Joey has truly changed my life and I will be eternally grateful to her.

Neo Khama