Catherine Robson, 25, Entrepreneur & Founder of Big Pip Marketing, Surrey

“My initial hesitation to start coaching with Addictive Daughter was that I wasn’t in ‘crisis’ – I was happy and progressing in life and my business, but I knew I needed something, and more importantly someone, to help me turn the pages and transition into the next chapter. All doubt was lifted when I read the details of the full programme. In-depth and with heaps of soul, I knew that Addictive Daughter and the Inner Fix programme was it – and the shifts in my life, and in myself, have been immense.

There were things, like money, that I hadn’t realised were the root cause of a lot of discomfort and problems that were manifesting in other areas of my life because I wasn’t paying attention to what I had. 

I don’t think I would have discovered that, or made the changes, for quite some time had it not been for this programme which helped me to look at all areas of myself and life – not just the ones I was comfortable with i.e. career. The coaching has helped me to embed positive habits and now if I’m feeling off key, I know exactly what I need to do to get back and connected again.

I gained so much confidence with my existing spiritual practice and took it to a new level thanks to working with Persia – coaching was my favourite part of the week. Happier, more daring, confident and with more solid daily practices that add to my well-being and spiritual discovery –  Addictive Daughter have helped me take life to the next level, and it’s damn exciting!

Persia is a remarkable coach and whilst the programme itself is well-thought out and a vehicle for serious change – it was her energy and guidance that I loved most about coaching.

With a full heart and excitement for anyone considering life-coaching with AD, I highly recommend it. Coaching with Addictive Daughter has been life changing. This isn’t a friendly chit chat, it’s a serious programme with practical action to take each week. It’s intensity and the required commitment is what makes it so valuable.

From the moment I had heard about Addictive Daughter I knew that they were doing some important work in the UK and the world. Turning self-help into personal growth and leading the way from mindless time-filling to exciting soulful-living, Addictive Daughter are opening up a new world for people who are fed-up with the existing one. This world has more heart, more adventure and more connection to ourselves and to each other. And it’s much more fun!”

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