Cassandra Hall, 26, Advertising Exec, London

“My first hesitation was – am I really in such a negative place that I have to seek self-help? I soon came to realise that the Inner Fix coaching wasn’t actually offering ‘help’ in the crisis-sense, but firm guidance as we navigate through our hectic lifestyles. 

There was the concern around whether I would be comfortable enough to open up / let someone else in and reveal those private issues and feelings you tend to keep hidden from public view. But at the end of the day I was so eager to get started. I hit a point where I realised that I truly needed to speak to someone – someone impartial, someone who wouldn’t judge, someone who could impart real honest, and relevant advice. 

As a twenty-something today, you can’t help but be plagued by feelings of low self-worth, anxiety, even fear – there’s this constant pressure to have to all figured out, to truly live life to the absolute full. What I’ve come to realise from my coaching sessions is – not only is this completely normal, but it is possible to shift this more negative mind-set. And I can honestly say that I’ve now got far more clarity and perspective on life. I can confront my issues and manage them – and as a result I’m in a much happier place.

Just having a dedicated mentor/guide who could actualise issues and events with their own personal experiences was invaluable. Joey had such a lovely, positive energy and spirit, which lifted me in our sessions – these were a highlight of my week. For the first time in a long while I feel I’m on the right path to becoming a more happier, balanced person. I’m more connected to my feelings and behaviours and have slowed down the pace to truly appreciate the experiences and moments that make life so exciting.

I would absolutely recommend coaching to everyone facing similar issues but thinking there is no support, that no one who understands – Addictive Daughter is your answer. I’ve even been passing on advice and tools to my friends. Persia and Joey – being of similar age to me – are such figures of inspiration. Their beliefs around, and work towards helping us live a happier, fuller life is incredible.”

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